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Weekly Game Update – Puzzle Platformer #4


So we’re roughly one month in.  Wow, that was fast…

Flash Game Development Update

General stuff:

I still haven’t come with with a good title.  I don’t know, it’ll probably just come to me one day (kind of like how I got the title for Don’t Panic).  Hopefully that’ll happen soon, I’m tired of this “Puzzle Platformer” nonsense.

Anyway, it was a productive week of work.  The main challenge that I finally overcame was adding moving platforms and ironing out any bugs / glitches that arose from them or the other level elements (“jump-pads”, treadmills, etc…)  As of right now everything is bug free and works perfectly.


  • Moving platforms added and debugged.
  • Ironed out the performance of other level elements like “jump-pads” and treadmills.
  • Buttons & doors added.
  • Spike-launchers added.
  • More particle additions & fixes (both for bugs and performance).
  • Many a bugs fixed and other small tweaks.

To do:

  • Add more things for buttons to control.
  • Make spikes more forgivable somehow (as of now, they kill players much too easily).
  • Add randomized elements to levels just for decoration purposes.
  • Work on and implement first menus.

So that’s it.  Sorry for the short update this week (as well as lack of screenshots, nothing new-enough to show yet).  Next week will be better.

(Or not, I may have just out right lied to you.)

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