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Weekly Game Update – “Hero Dude” #1


Oh crap.  Here we go.  The first “weekly game update” installment for my upcoming game, Hero Dude.  I’m gonna place a bet that there will be 14 of these before the game is done.  Let’s find out!

Flash Game Development Update

Check out the bottom of this post for a playable Flash file of what I have so far + screenshots!


So, the development process on this game is relatively new.  I technically started working on this game about three weeks ago, but didn’t get around to making the weekly game update post for the past two weeks.  Why?  Mostly because there wasn’t much to report on.  However, progress is being made, now!

The game is currently 3% completed.  What does that mean?  Not much.  Why “3%?”  Because it’s bigger than “1%.”  Since I did work on the game, I figured it shouldn’t be “1%” anymore, so, yeah.


  • Loads of work completed regarding parsing an XML file to build a level.
  • After many sketches, came up with a design for Hero Dude.  The design will most likely continue to be slightly altered over the coming weeks.
  • Got the level camera working perfectly.  Implements smooth scrolling, shake effect, and ability to zoom.
  • Programmed a nice parallax scrolling effect with a repeating background.
  • Lots of graphic work with tiles.  Whether or not these tiles appear in the final game is undecided, they will most likely be tweaked over time, if not completely scrapped.


  • Continue expanding the test level – both adding more variety in the tile graphics as well beginning to add objects to the game world.
  • Work on adding a HUD.
  • Build the BMPLoader class and optimize it.  This class will load the bitmap versions of all graphical assets of the objects that the level will utilize during the loading process at the beginning of the level.

Planning Ahead

  • Need to figure out how I’m going to go about collision detection.  The two possibilities are either 100% tile-based, which will work in most cases.  However, with this method, detecting collisions between enemies and moving platforms will be difficult.  The other possibility is 100% SAT (Separating Axis Theorem) collision detection.  With this method, I completely understand how to detect collisions, however, I don’t yet understand how to resolve the collisions appropriately.

So that’s that.  Lot’s of work getting done.  Here are two screenshots of some nonsense.

Hero Dude Concept Art

Hero Dude Tiled

And here’s a playable file.  Click here to play around with the camera.

That’s all for this week.  Hopefully I have more good news next week as well!

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