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Weekly Game Update – “Don’t Panic” #10


The final weekly game update for Don’t Panic!  Holy crap!

Flash Game Development Update

Alright, well this is it.  The game is 100% completed.  All that’s left is to put it up for bidding on Monday afternoon.  It should be live on the FlashGameLicense marketplace by Tuesday morning.  I’m very excited for this game, it truly is a lot of fun to play it.

Anyway, let’s get into the final breakdown.  (Check the bottom of this post for screenshots and the trailer!)


  • Finish animating the opening cutscene.  (Completed, and may I say, it looks boss.)
  • Put game on FlashGameLicense.com for First Impressions.  (Completed.)
  • Make trailer, screenshots, and thumbnails.  (Completed.)


  • Make a “cheat enabled” version and upload it to FlashGameLicense for sponsors to test out.

Planning Ahead

  • Start working on Hero Dude concept art!



I know I’ve predicted a March release, but I just don’t see that happening now.  I need to stop underestimating how much time is required at the very end of the game sponsorship cycle.  Expect the game out by mid April at the latest!

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