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Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #5


Stuff got done this past week.  Not a lot of stuff, but a good amount of stuff.

Flash Game Development Update

General Stuff:

Alright, this past week has been a lot of Flash work.  However, not all of it was related to Defective.  Believe it or not, I’m still working on Don’t Panic.  (As in, re-branding the game and selling non-exclusive licenses.)  This took up a good amount of time, but I did find some to get some progress done on Defective.  (For those interested, I’m going to write up a post-mortem on Don’t Panic as soon as I’m done with all the sitelocks.)


  • Programmed basic movement and shooting for the Player. (However, there is an annoying bug I discovered which needs fixing.)
  • Designed and implemented the HUD (Heads Up Display).
  • Re-tweaked the background to be much simpler, it looks great with the parallax movement of the stars.
  • Implemented an optimized particle system.

To Do:

  • Finish tweaking the basic movement of the Player. (And fix that bug.)
  • Make the player shoot (design a bullet, code the Bullet classes, utilize the particle system for a bullet muzzle/trail effect).


Yes, that’s right.  Just one picture.

Defective Flash Game

In Other News…

  1. I’m writing this at 9:00am on Saturday morning.  Chances are I got at least one of those “To Do” items done by the time this is live.
  2. Why am I writing this so early then? Family is over today, so I won’t have time to do it later.
  3. I also won’t have time to do it later (or tomorrow morning for that fact) because of the 8th FGL Developer Competition that begins at 1:00pm EDT today.  The challenge is to develop a game in 24 hours given a specific theme.  I’m really looking forward to it, not just so I can win (which I will), but to see how fast I can work if I really needed to.  Plus at the end of it I might have a good enough game to get sponsored.
  4. Don’t Panic has been released on AddictingGames.com.  I’m really excited about this since AddictingGames is one of the biggest game sites out there.
  5. I’ve been waiting for Kongregate.com to get back to me regarding a non-exclusive license purchase, but since it seems they’re passing on it, I’ll be uploading Don’t Panic there on Monday.  Expect a post telling you to go vote 5 there when the game goes live ;).

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