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“Weapons on Wheels 2” – Weekly Update 1


Hey everyone.

So, progress has been moving along with Weapons on Wheels 2 this past week.  I finally have the car handling down and it feels very solid, big thanks to some of the guys at the TIGSource forums for assistance in the matter.

I also spent a good portion of the week tweaking the art (I’m still in the process of re-drawing all of the actual weapons, I didn’t like how they turned out the first time and they look much better this time around).

Weapons on Wheels 2I know the screenshot doesn’t show much, but it’s pretty much what the game is at the moment, a car that drives around in circles.  You can see the old version of what is a booster attached to the car, there.

As for the rest of today (and the rest of the week for that matter), I’m going to focus on getting all of the art for the weapons finalized and even the four stages of damage to each car (isn’t that just going to be awesome-looking?).  After that, I want to get some minor, basic stuff out of the way.  For example, have the camera follow the mouse so the player can manually get a better look in front / behind them.  I figure this is an okay control scheme since the mouse buttons are a crucial part of the game, anyway.  I also want to work on getting large textures to tile and repeat so I can create enormous tracks.  Then, of course, I want to add in smaller things, like tire marks and camera shaking.

Once this week is done I will probably be able to work on bigger things.  Probably make a very simple testing track and start working on enemy AI (with waypoints) and start giving the weapons some function.

Alright, back to work!

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