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“Weapons on Wheels 2” Released!


Weapons on Wheels 2So I’m not dead, apparently – just really, really busy finishing college (which, by the way, I graduate from this upcoming weekend).

But who cares, right?  My latest Flash game has finally been released after being sponsored by PlayBerry.com.  After a few good months of lots of on and off work, Weapons on Wheels 2 is finally available to the public.  Play it here!

Anyone even remotely following this blog of mine knows this game has been in production for quite a long time, with many development posts and alpha videos being released periodically.  I’m very proud of it and while it may be a bit difficult at first, I believe anyone willing to give the game a chance and warm up to it will have a grand ol’ time playing it.

Oh, and here’s the trailer for anyone who wants to check it out.

ComparisonAnd I know I’ve posted this image on the left before, but I just love the contrast between my first game vs. my most recent game.  Some really good stuff right there.

Oh, and a big shout-out to the Starling framework.  My first time using it and everything went very smoothly!

More information soon on future projects when I get some free time.  Now that college is over, I get to enter the real world.  You know, whatever that means.

One more time, play the game here!  Release on NewGrounds and other big-name portals coming soon.

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