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Update on “Space Fruit” and “Paranoia 2”


This past week has been somewhat productive for me.  Now that I have a good portion of the HUD in place for Space Fruit, things are going much more smoothly.  (I was having a bit of trouble getting things working efficiently what with me being new to OpenGL and such.)

Space Fruit

As you can see from the above in-game screenshot, not only is the HUD practically finished (more on that in a second), but I also have bullets completely functional.  It was a bit of a pain hardcoding in all of the trigonometry for the creation points of each bullet for each ship type, it involved a lot of trial and error last night, but I’m very happy with the result.  Because I’m pooling the bullets, the game runs at a smooth 60fps with 700 ships and 3,000+ bullets flying around.

Other things I accomplished this past week was designing all of the font characters and getting text to function properly and efficiently in-game.  I also did a lot of tweaking to get sprite-batching working perfectly (in order to draw hundreds of objects with a single draw() call – both textured and non-textured).  I also just recently enabled touch input (to shoot) and have to soon enable the other two buttons on the screen – strafing and “pause”.

To Do:

By the time for the next game update post (Monday) I hope to have the following all good and done:

  1. Bullets to respond to collisions with ships.
  2. “Animation” for the ships (when they get shot at) and for certain bullets (that leave a trail).
  3. Have enemies take damage and be able to be destroyed.
  4. Individual enemy classes (right now all the code for every enemy is in one giant file with lot’s of switch statements).
  5. Personalized fire-rates and aggression levels for each enemy.
  6. Some performance tweaks and modifications.

I would also like to add the final element to the HUD, the “minimap” feature, but I don’t believe that’ll be on my immediate to-do list for a little while more.  It’s not going to be like a typical minimap and will instead show small indicators around the perimeter of the screen to show the location of enemies and objectives.  It seems like it will be simple enough to implement, I’m just hoping it won’t be too CPU-intensive.

Paranoia 2

Paranoia 2 is coming along nicely.  I tend to work on it a little each morning and because of the nature of this skit, much of the animation is already done.  I’m also screen-capturing every single time I work on it, so in the end I’ll also be uploading a “making of” video to Youtube, too.  (I’ll probably split it up into three or so parts since it might be a bit on the long side, even though the video itself is sped up.)

Alright, that’s it for this week.  Go away now.

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