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“Stick Nodes” Released on iOS Devices!


So after a good amount of time, effort, and money, I’m proud to announce that Stick Nodes has finally made its way to iOS devices!

Stick Nodes Free iOS Stick Nodes Pro iOS

You can keep up to date with updates and changes through the official website, Facebook page, or Google+ page.

And for those of you interested, here are some updated stats!

Google Play

12,600+ installs (+10,100 in 6 weeks)

380+ ratings at a 3.8 average (+280 in 6 weeks)

61 Pro purchases (+34 in 6 weeks)

Other markets (combined)

1,800+ installs (+940 in 6 weeks)

29 Pro purchases (+19 in 6 weeks)

I’m very happy with the overall growth of the app.  It currently sits at over 300 installs per day and peaks at nearly 500 on weekends (weekends seem to be the most popular day for new app installs).

Overall, not many people are going for the Pro version.  As it stands, roughly 0.6% of users actually upgrade to the Pro version.  The ads from the free version also contribute a decent amount of pocket change, so the combined income isn’t too bad.  I have to admit I wasn’t looking to “make it big” with Stick Nodes, though, so any income is more than I expected.

The next post will contain updated data as well as data from Apple’s App Store.  Curious to see if it truly is “better” than Google Play in terms of app downloads.

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