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“Space Fruit” – Update 5


So I just got finished implementing the mini map for the game.  It looks like this:

Space Fruit

(Note the colored dots all around the perimeter of the screen, indicating out-of-view enemies.)

It was kind of a pain to implement, I mean, in hindsight the math is pretty simple.  I originally thought I’d need trigonometry to solve it, but it turns out I didn’t even need it at all.  (Good ol’ reliable y = mx + b to the rescue.)

This weekend I gave the enemies some AI.  All they do is notice you’re (the player) in their area and they go into attack mode.  Attack mode consists of following you and shooting.  Later today I intend to make the AI slightly more robust and also work on tweaking the player’s movement via the accelerometer.  Right now it’s very annoying and I’ve been putting off fixing it.

I also did some other things including:

  • Pooling all of the small mass-items (pickups, bullets, explosions).
  • Having the player attract pickups in his vicinity as well as have him transform.
  • The HUD bars accurately display the players XP and transformation progress (note the full blue bar, partially full purple bar, and the purple player in the screenshot above).
  • Other things.

I would go on about this a bit more, but I have to run to class now.  In Paranoia 2 news, still moving ahead strong.  I’ll probably give a screenshot or two sometime this week, it’s coming along nicely.

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