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“Combat Racing” in Development!


So I’m still making games!  Crazy right?

So while I continue the search for a real job creating games, I’ve still been creating my own games in the meantime.

Combat Racing

Right now my current project has been (another) 2D top-down racing game, but this time it’s for mobile (Android as of now) devices.  Titled Combat Racing, the game will feature fun retro-style racing, unlockable cars, boss races, multiple level packs, 2-player mode, and all of that type of fun stuff.

The game is being built in Java and is powered by LibGDX.

Combat Racing Combat Racing Combat Racing Combat Racing Combat Racing

The images above are just to give a rough example of what the game looks like as of now.  Final game art will (probably) be different and be much shinier and whatnot.

I hope to have periodic updates and get back in the swing of things in the coming days.

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