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So Apparently I Still Own This Blog


Sorta slipped my mind there, I suppose.

Nah not really. Just been busy. Finished my final week of the my first year of college on Thursday, so now that’s out of the way.

Game Stuff

I really should’ve updated you guys on what’s been going on with the game, because even though I said it was done, apparently the game itself had other ideas.

What happened is I finished the game on May 2nd. I began emailing sponsors on May 4th or so. Then on May 5th I found out my game is broken in the beta version of Flash Player 10.1.  Even though it’s a beta version, lots of people still run it, so I had to find a fix.

It took me until today to fix it.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  For one, I haven’t really worked on trying to fix it too much since finals were taking up most of my time.  Also it wasn’t even me that fixed it.  It seems I alerted the engineers over at Adobe about this when I made a topic about it on the Adobe forums.  They ended up fixing it in a new release candidate that was released yesterday.

Also, look who has held the high score for the past month. Not to toot my own horn, but I pwn noobs at this game.

Just listed the game at FlashGameLicense.com today and also am awaiting a response from Luis/Tom over at NewGrounds to see if they’re interested in sponsoring the game.

CS5 Stuff

About two or so weeks ago I treated myself for completing Weapons on Wheels by buying myself Flash CS5 and Photoshop CS5.  Feels good man.

For all you of that are planning on acquiring these programs by other methods, I don’t want to sound like I’m being a total hypocrite and talking down to you. I’m not gonna lie, I pirated Flash and Photoshop before. But now that I’m older and am going to be really focusing on using them to bring in some income, it’d be stupid not to invest a few bucks into legally owning the products. (Plus I’m now eligible for the education discount :D.)

Lost Stuff

Dude. Lost ends on Sunday. As in “goes away forever”-ends. The series-friggen-finale. I can’t even describe how much Lost is nearly an addiction to me right now.

I’m looking forward to it like you wouldn’t believe, but at the same time I never want it to get it.  Weird stuff I know.  No matter how it ends I’m still gonna love the series.  That’s not implying that I don’t have faith that the writers are gonna end it in an amazing way, I’m sure they will.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be watching the 2 hour pilot episode of Lost on ABC and then Sunday I think I have a total of 6 or so hours of Lost stuff to watch including the 2.5 hour series finale and the 2 hour “post-game show” that airs before it.

New Game Stuff

Working on art for it.  Have a vague idea for it. Gonna be a fun retro-sort of platformer. More news on that later.

Lol 521 words in this post so far. That’s enough from me. Bye etc…

So, Six Months Later…


I thought this time would never come.  I’ve finally completed my first game.  (Well… Unless you count those one or two games I made in GameMaker 4 years ago…)

Anyway, yeah, it’s done.  I’d give some more info, but there’s really nothing to say.  Plus I just want to go relax after all that coding nonsense.

The quest to find a sponsor begins tonight.  If all goes well I could be releasing the game this week!

Wow, never thought I’d say that…

Quick-er Update


I have not abandoned all of you.  Still working on getting this game out the door every day.  It just seems like every day I run into a new issue that I never expected/makes no sense.  For example, did you know that putting a simple preloader on an AS3 game is an absolute dick-fucking hell?


It is.

Quick Update


So, for whatever reason, Flash is cooperating fully once again.  I just have a few loose ends to tie up, and the game should be ready.  Once I have a bug-tested SWF that is 100% working, I’ll start looking for a sponsor (Hopefully tonight the search will begin.)

Also Splinter Cell Conviction rocks.

PS- Credits in Flash games – do people do that? I guess I could go find out for myself, but I don’t wanna.

The Game is Completed! (No, not really.)


Every time I try to export a swf, Flash decides to pull a LOL and after compiling the SWF for the usual 20 or so seconds, I get this lovely message:


I *think* the reason behind this is because the .FLA file is getting too big.  I’ve just finished importing all of the levels (PNG’s, made in Photoshop) and now the filesize is 315MB.  (The most recent working swf I have is only 13MB, so, relax.)

I think that because this started happening right after I started importing all of the huge image files into Flash.  I tried to verify this by deleting a bunch of them and then trying to export, but it still didn’t work.

I dunno. Really running out of ideas here.

Inb4 “did you reinstall Flash, Ralph?”  From what I’ve read online, that’s never the answer.  In fact, from what I’ve read online, no one knows the goddamn answer.


More updates as updates occur.