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Weapons on Wheels 2
Stick Nodes

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Mobile / Web Games

Here are all of my completed mobile / web games.

Stick Nodes (Newest, August 2014)

Free on Google Play | Pro version on Google Play

My second game app released onto the mobile (Android) market. Created with Java/Android SDK using LibGDX. Users can create their own stickfigure-based animated .gifs with a very robust stickfigure animation app!


Plunder Peril (March 2014)

Free on Google Play

My first game released onto the mobile (Android) market. Created with Java/Android SDK using LibGDX. Can you jump, dodge, and loot your way to the top of the leaderboard? A bit of a challenge but addicting once you get the hang of the controls!


Weapons on Wheels 2 (May 2013)

Play on NewGrounds.com

Here is the sequel to my first Flash game, Weapons on Wheels. Race through 12 different levels using 6 upgradeable weapons and try to outmaneuver your opponents – or just blast them off the track instead! Place well in each race and purchase/upgrade new weapons or car modifications and attempt to create an unstoppable racing machine! Built with Flash’s GPU-accelerated technology using the Starling framework.


Trophiends (July 2012)

Play on JayIsGames.com

A very simply and addicting puzzle-platformer that will definitely have you planning every move you make. Guide one, two, three, or even four little characters to their corresponding trophies in each level, simultaneously! All while avoiding spike traps, TNT crates, electricity poles, shooting spikes, etc – you know, the usual. Also, use the built-in level editor to make and share your own levels!


Defective (April 2012)

Play on NewGrounds

A long time coming, Defective is finally released.  My largest game (as of March 2012) features 12 levels, 3 boss fights, beautiful graphics, 5 custom-made music tracks, and a lot more.  Check it out!


Don’t Panic (June 2011)

Play on Kongregate

Definitely my biggest game yet, defend the alien base from the waves of unrelenting robot minions and defeat their rabbit-looking boss! Features 14 levels, 2 boss battles, 3 difficulty settings, and a survival mode!


Christmas Defense (December 2010)

Play on NewGrounds

My Christmas 2010 game. Play as a Santa doll and use your various Christmas weapons (as well as some fellow allies) to stop the Grinch army invasion!


Oil Spill Escape (July 2010)

Play on NewGrounds

Fun and addicting game based on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, steer your fish to safety by out-swimming the giant cloud of oil and avoiding the rocks!


Weapons on Wheels (June 2010)

Play on Kongregate

My first game ever. Came out very well, though there are definitely areas for improvement, but, what are ya gonna do. Took me about 7 months of on and off work.