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Trailer for “Trophiends” Uploaded!


Hey guys.  Just a quick post to tell you I just uploaded the trailer for Trophiends tonight.  Check it out and tell me what you think.  (The video is kind of grainy, I need to find a new way to record SWFs, but that’ll be a job for my next game.) So that’s it, Trophiends […]

Defective Trailer Released!


I know, this is coming straight out of left field, isn’t it? Anyway, tonight I recorded, edited, and uploaded the trailer for Defective.  The music in the trailer is just placeholder music.  It’s somewhat similar to what I’ll be looking for in a musician when I start looking for one. The game is practically finished.  […]

Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #8


Oh crap, I’m late.  About 12 hours late.  I hope you didn’t wait here all day for this post. Before we begin, I’d just like someone to tell me where the hell Paul D’Amora is.  I know he didn’t get a life or anything, so I’m just wondering, thanks. Alright let’s get into it. General […]

Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #4


Two “Weekly Game Update” posts on time!  I’m on a friggen roll! General Stuff: Alright, let’s see what happened this week.  I didn’t do much.  I don’t know what happened honestly.  I mean, I started the week off strong by completely re-doing the HUD (and may I say I think I was able to make […]

Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #2


Some solid progress was made last week.  It feels good to actually have some time to work on my own stuff since college is over now.  Let’s get into it. General Stuff: Alright, the game is still very new.  I’m still getting new ideas and throwing new ideas out every day.  (I have at least […]