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Happy New Year!


So it’s 2012. I’m going to skip the obligatory apocalyptic joke and jump into the meat of this post. Game Updates Trophiends has gotten some promising reviews / stats from the few “First Impression” players over at FlashGameLicense.com, so I’m really happy about that.  I’ve learned of a few areas of the game that can […]

Weekly Game Update – “Trophiends” #7


Alright let’s do this, LEEEEROOOOOOOOOOY… So let me just get the apology out of the way for the absence of updates, I was finishing up the college semester and generally spending any free time I had not doing online / game work.  That’s all behind me now and I’m now focusing on getting Trophiends out […]

So I Fell off the Earth There for a Little Bit…


But I’m back now, well, sort of.  I still have about two-to-three weeks of college left before the month-long winter break kicks in, and I have a feeling those two-to-three weeks aren’t going to go by quietly. In the meantime, I’m trying to fit in as much work as possible into finishing Trophiends and getting […]

Weekly Game Update – “Trophiends” # 6


I missed the last two Weekly Game Update posts over the past two weeks. Nobody even cared. Oh man, the lols that were had. Wondering why I split this intro into five lines? So the image above would fit in well and look nice.  Yeah…  Anyway, let’s begin. General stuff: Alright, well, first off, why […]

Weekly Game Update – “Trophiends” #5


We have a name!  My upcoming game will be titled Trophiends, meant to be a pun of sorts on “Trophy-fiends.”  Deal with it.  Also, Defective is ready for sponsorship (sort of). Alright, let’s get into it. Firstly, some news on Defective. “Defective” stuff: On Friday, I received the final two music tracks for Defective, with […]