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Game Update: Christmas Defense


Hey all you people. I figured I’ve procrastinated long enough with making this post, as it’s long overdue.  I just want to update you on my current project, which if you didn’t know, I called Christmas Defense.  It’s obviously a Christmas-themed defense-type game.  (NO WAY!) The game will be completely finished by tonight, all that’s […]

Putting Hero Dude Development on Hold for a Bit


What the shit, Ralph? Yeah, I’ve decided I’m going to put development on Hero Dude on hold for a while.  I feel like I’m doing all of this work for it, but at the same time, I’m not giving it the time that it needs. For one I feel that the game won’t be as […]

Progression of Sprite Development


So I figured I would make a post about this, since I thought it was pretty interesting.  Here is an image showing the sprite development I went through trying to find a nice design for the player/boss sprites for Hero Dude. The first two versions of the main character differ pretty greatly.  At first I […]