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So here are most of the animations I’ve done in my lifetime.  Much of my stuff made in Pivot is long-gone, and everything made in Flash that isn’t listed on this page isn’t worth your time.

For more of my older stuff, check out my NewGrounds page or my SFDT page.

Paranoia 1 – Spider (Newest, March 2012)

Paranoia 1 - SpiderView on NewGrounds or View on Youtube

First episode in my (hopefully) upcoming “Paranoia” series.  What you think will happen when you go to kill a spider on the wall…


Really Short Cartoon (2008)

Really Short CartoonView on NewGrounds

I don’t even know why I made this. Guess I just felt like ripping off Rid’s characters.


Poke (2007)

PokeView on NewGrounds

Short and funny skit I made in one day.  I got the inspiration after watching a certain clip on Youtube.


HQ Madness (2007)

HQ MadnessView on NewGrounds

I made this for a “Madness Day” competition on NewGrounds.com in 2007.  Won me some nice cash and a t-shirt.