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Weekly Game Update – “Trophiends” #7


Alright let’s do this, LEEEEROOOOOOOOOOY…

Flash Game Development Update

So let me just get the apology out of the way for the absence of updates, I was finishing up the college semester and generally spending any free time I had not doing online / game work.  That’s all behind me now and I’m now focusing on getting Trophiends out the door.

Some Screenshots


“Trophiends” Progress

This list is going to seem abnormally large because there’s a backlog of the updates I keep written down since I haven’t posted recently.  That’s okay though, right?  Right.

  • Added TNT crates.
  • TNT crates and Trophies act appropriately on Moving Platforms / Treadmills.
  • Drop Floors light up when stepped on.
  • Perimeter Spikes optimized for performance and glitches fixed.
  • Level Editor detects corrupt strings before loading a level, tells the user.
  • Q and ESC hotkeys to quit.
  • Level Editor “Test Level” button functionality implemented.
  • Added Playtomic API for level sharing.
  • Hotkeys to skip the end-of-level transition.
  • Powerups show what they do after activated.
  • Shared Object implemented to save player progress client-side.
  • Created all 30 levels.
  • Added all sounds.
  • Added music.
  • “Secret Reward” for completing the game added.
  • Player-Made Levels menu added, game will load data from Playtomic servers.
  • Preloader added.
  • Splash screens added.
  • Many various tweaks / changes / fixes.
  • Fixed bug where Level Editor incorrectly determines a string is corrupt.
  • Fixed bug with Floor Buttons / the things they control.
  • Fixed bug where level loses focus on restart.
  • Fixed bug where walking off a Horizontal Moving Platform would get the player stuck.
  • Fixed bug where the player can die from barely touching a Spike when on a Moving Platform.
  • Fixed bug where player doesn’t die if initially spawned on Spikes or if invincibility wears off while standing on Spikes.
  • Fixed the bug where framerate would drop to ~20 and slow down the game temporarily when levels were started / restarted. Massively increased performance like a boss.

“Trophiends” To-Do List

  • Finish up the “Rate this Level” menu when playing a custom player-made level.
  • Get player-death heatmaps working (waiting on word of a potential bug regarding Playtomic).
  • Add stat-tracking code (both Playtomic and GameTracker).
  • Upload to FlashGameLicense for First Impression reviews (Monday).
  • Add 5 or so bonus levels (probably will be done after initial feedback from First Impression players).
  • Playtest and bug fix.
  • Upload for sponsorship (around Januaray 4th, after the holidays).

Oh my goodness gracious, that was a lot of typing.

So that’s that, Trophiends will be ready for sponsorship by Christmas, but I won’t be uploading it until January because of Christmas / New Years, etc…

What About Defective?

Defective is still up for sponsorship.  I haven’t received a bid I feel comfortable with, and I haven’t invested much time on getting the word out about it.  Again, I’m waiting until after the holidays when sponsors are settled back in from their vacations.  Expect more news on this soon.

Future Plans

Like I mentioned at the top of this post, the college semester is behind me and I have a good month to work on my own stuff without interruption.  What am I planning for this month?

  1. Finish Trophiends, get it up for sponsorship.
  2. Get Defective sponsored and released.
  3. Build my gaming PC and waste countless hours drooling over it / playing BF3.
  4. Redesign ForTheLoss.org, new theme and everything.
  5. Begin work on my next game.  Already sketching plans out for it.

Alright, I’m hungry and require nourishment.  I’ve spent far too much time on this post.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my festivus-inspired work area.


Merry almost-Christmas!


  1. FlashMush says: December 18, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Trophiends looks like it’s coming along quite well!

  2. Brandon remarks: December 19, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Wanna help me redesign RTW while you’re at it? And by help, I mean do it for me while I watch. :3

  3. Paul D'Amora states: December 19, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    1. I read the first paragraph and the last paragraph.

    2. You are a light whore.

    3. That is a blurry-ass photo.

    4. I’ll make your website for yen.

    5. Hi Ralph

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