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Weekly Game Update – Puzzle Platformer #3


Hmm, I should really start looking into figuring out a title for this game. Tell you what, if you think you have a good idea, tell me in the comments. (I’ll finally describe the gameplay / mechanics in this post.)

Flash Game Development Update

General stuff:

This was a very productive week. I finally nailed down a solid design for the overall graphics / look of the game and I’m really loving it.  Friday in particular I got a load of nonsense completed.  I’m confident in saying the game is already 25% complete (as seen in the header up there ^) even though the project is only roughly three weeks old.

This is mainly because this isn’t going to be a giant project like Don’t Panic and Defective were, it’s going to be a “puzzle” type of game, much like how Angry Birds is a puzzle game – once the core mechanics are built, all that’s left is to build some levels and plug in the menu’s.

Of course, in my case, I have a little more to do than just build the game… I also have to build a user-friendly level editor for player’s to create and share their own puzzles, as this will be a major feature of the game.  This not only presents the challenge of building a level editor and figuring out the best way to enable easy level sharing, but it also puts more pressure on me to find any and all possible bugs that could arise from the infinite number of possible ways a level can be built.

Anyway, my goal is to have the game at least 80% complete (where 90% marks when I upload to FlashGameLicense.com for sponsorship) by Halloween.  This may be a little ambitious since I haven’t even begun the level editor yet, but we’ll see as the days go by.

So what’s the game about anyway?

Well it’s obviously a puzzle platformer (no way!).  The objective is for the the player to control 1, 2, 3, or 4 characters simultaneously and successfully get them all to reach their corresponding goal (a trophy).  However, as the player progresses, the levels get harder and harder.  Things like spikes, “treadmills”, moving platforms, and powerups that can do anything from freezing a character in place to doubling a character’s speed make the levels that much more treacherous.

As the player reaches the most difficult levels, controlling 4 characters at once while attempting to avoid all of these traps will require much more concentration, not to mention that you’re also being timed – the faster you complete the level plus the amount of surviving characters is how the player’s overall score is calculated.

So that’s pretty much the game in a nutshell.


Five of them. Five. (Click to enlarge.)

Screenshot 3 Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2 Screenshot 4

This one is an older screenshot from September 24th. It just shows the original direction the game was going in:

Screenshot 5


  • Added 5 coins (powerups) in total.
  • Designed the backgrounds and tiles of the levels.
  • Programmed “treadmills,” jump-pads, spikes, and “drop-floors.”
  • Designed the remaining three characters (color palette swaps – red, blue, green, and yellow).
  • Programmed the HUD – keeps track of the number of attempts, number of surviving players, and works the timer.
  • Implemented a simple particle system for when the player dies – explodes into a bunch of 2×2 particles taken from the player’s BitmapData.
  • Bunch of other stuff I forgot, plus bugs fixed and other things like that.

To do:

  • Moving platforms (oh God).
  • Buttons and the things they control (doors, floors, etc).
  • Ladders (not 100% sure if I will implement these yet).
  • Spike launchers (shoot spikes).

Other random things:

  • I received 3 of the 5 songs for Defective, and I have to admit they are really amazing – they fit the gameplay perfectly.  If I had to guess, I’d say Defective will be completed and up for sponsorship on FlashGameLicense.com sometime after next weekend.  I’ll credit him on the credits page of the game too, but for those curious, the musician for the game is Dave Flemming. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for custom music for your own projects, he’s very talented.
  • I forgot to mention this last week, but I recently acquired ForTheLoss.com. It simply redirects here, but I thought it was a good idea to grab it since the old owner offered it to me before he put it up for sale.  If the .net version expires, I’ll probably pick it up too.   The .com however is obviously the most valuable of the three TLD’s, so I won’t go out of my way to grab the .net unless it’s something under $20.

Alright that’s it. Back to work.


  1. Paul D'Amora proclaims: October 2, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    Ok hold up, I haven’t been here in a little while. First off, I when the hell did you release Don’t Panic? Second, what orifice did you pull this Defective thing out of? I never even heard of it and now it’s completely existededieding. I am going to completely ignore this new abortion of yours until I get some answers. Also courtesy? 😉

  2. Ralph utters: October 3, 2011 at 11:46 am

    That seriously made me laugh. I missed you.

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