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Weekly Game Update – “Kill the Bad Things” (Week Two)


Hello and welcome to the new home of Weekly Game Update posts – Monday mornings!  Why the change?  Well, in hindsight, it seems I get 80% of the weekly work done on my projects over the weekend, so I figure I’ll post updates about game progress after all that progress has been made, not smack in-between on Sunday mornings.

Anyway, the funny thing is, this past week was the exception to the rule.  I got a lot of work done over the course of the week, but once the weekend came, I just couldn’t get myself into gear (plus I felt pretty crappy for whatever reason).

But first, a quick note about Defective – the Quick Auction I activated on FlashGameLicense has 8 days left, so in about a week expect a definite release date (it’s funny how it’s almost been one whole year since I started that game).

Alright, into the good stuff.


  • Animated all of the Player’s sprites.
  • Added functionality for the “special attack” button.
  • Added more functionality to the buttons on the HUD, all are pressable and work.  The added meter next to the “Special Attack” button accurate shows the recharge progress.

Now, this upcoming week is going to be a little odd, for a few reasons.  I may not get any work done (in fact, I may go backwards in terms of progress) but I feel it’s for the best in the long-term.  Here’s why:

Learning About Native Android Development

I’ve always wanted to program a game in Java and since native Android development using the Android SDK is all done in Java, I figure this would be the best time to start.  It’s not like it will be difficult to learn (it’s practically identical to AS3), but it will take some getting used to.  Plus, from what I understand, this will give me greater control over my apps plus better performance when it comes to more intense graphic usage.

As a result, I’m going to put everything on hold and start focusing all of my efforts into learning this stuff.  Once I feel I’m ready, I’m going to port Kill the Bad Things over to Java and resume progress.

Animation in the Works

I’ve been working on a small animation that I plan to be nearly finished with by the end of this week.  It’s short – a little over a minute in its completion, and it’s all frame-by-frame animation.  It’s going to be episode one of a little series I have planned – all short skits.  I already have the perfect ideas for episodes two and three.  More news on this next week, though.

A New Project

The main reason I made the transition to developing Android games was to jump into a new niche and create a few games for younger children (eg – no words, very simple).  Why?  Well, I feel this could be somewhat profitable if I can create decent-enough games, and this incoming cash-flow will help me to work on my other, bigger projects (such as Kill the Bad Things and my other browser-based Flash games).

This weekend, I finally came up with a solid idea for my first toddler-game, and since it’s so simple, it would normally take me approximately a week or two to finish.  However, I feel this would be the perfect opportunity to learn native Android development (in Java), so I’m going to put everything on hold while I simultaneously develop this game and learn the ins-and-outs of developing games using the Android SDK.

  1. Paul D'Amora remarks: March 5, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    Again, I didn’t actually read the whole thing, but little children playing kill the bad things? Really Ralph….

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