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Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #9


Number nine?  This is only the ninth weekly game update for Defective?  It seems like that number should be higher.  WHATEVER LET’S GET INTO IT.

Flash Game Development Update

General Stuff:

Man, this week was another productive week.  I’m on a massive roll here – it’s great.  I’ve gotten into a really good groove here and I’m hoping it’ll stay that way until I’m finally done with the game.  It’s actually starting to become difficult to remember everything I’ve done throughout the week, since I used to just delete completed tasks in my text file rather than just mark it as completed (I’ve changed that now).  Anyway, let’s see what I can remember.


No pictures and/or video this week, sorry.  It’s Saturday night and I’m tired and feeling really lazy right about now.  You’ll have to do without.  The game definitely deserves a new video teaser since it looks a ton more action-y and funner (yeah, funner) than last week’s video, but I’m not sure if I want to show any more video of the game until I’m ready to make the official trailer for it.

In any case, there will be pictures next week.  Oh, will there be pictures.


  • Tweaked the AI.
  • Programmed the remaining 3 enemy types.
  • Built the Menu classes and added the Main menu.
  • Added pause functionality with a Pause menu.
  • Laid foundation for allowing multiple saving / loading slots.
  • The player now absorbs enemy “souls” when they die.
  • After gaining enough “souls,” the player can transform into that enemy for a set amount of time.
  • Drew two new backgrounds for the later levels and modified the current background.
  • Finally planned out the “plot” of the game (not necessarily a story, just what the player’s objective is, when he fights bosses, how the game ends, etc.)
  • Tweaked the HUD both visually and how it functions.
  • Added more sound effects.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.

To Do:

  • Get Achievements menu working and add in achievement functionality to the game.
  • Get a 100% working test level going.
  • Functioning Level Select menu.

I’m seriously having loads of fun playing this game, I’m really excited about releasing this one.  It’ll be my first “Adventure” game.  I assume it fits into that genre, right?  I mean, you’re this little defective ship and you go level though level getting upgrades and destroying enemies/bosses until you beat the game.  THAT’S AN ADVENTURE GAME, RIGHT?


  1. Porter proclaims: August 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    The game sounds awesome. This is the first update I’ve seen on it, but I love the idea of absorbing souls and turning into the enemy. Nice list of things you got done this week, seems that you are indeed on a good roll.

  2. FlashMush announces: August 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Seems it’s coming along quite well, can’t wait!

  3. Ralph utters: August 8, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Thanks guys, I can’t wait to release it either.

    I’m trying to get everything perfect and I’m really trying to avoid cutting any corners so hopefully you won’t be too disappointed.

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