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“Trophiends” Released on NewGrounds, WOW2 Updates


Hey guys.  Early today, Trophiends was released on Newgrounds.  Go give it a play if you haven’t already and please don’t forget to vote, it really does help.  I’d be extremely happy if we can make it to the front page or even just win a daily award.  Also, late last week Trophiends was also released to Kongregate, too, so go play and vote there, too!

If you’re tired of the main portion of the game, don’t forget to check out the user-created levels, there’s some really interesting stuff in there.  You can even make your own levels very easy and share them with the click of the mouse.

Weapons on Wheels 2

Progress has been made this past week on my next game.  I spent a good portion of my time scrapping the designs I had for the original eight cars (seen here) for a more unanimous design.  This helps fix a lot of problems I was going to have later on with customizations.

Weapons on Wheels Cars

As you can see, the cars are all the same with just a different paint job.  The actual designs of the cars aren’t terribly important, as long as they can be clearly identified (the red car, blue car, etc) then it’ll be fine.  Plus, as you can see from the image, the weapons, boosters, etc will be covering about 50% of the car anyway.

I also began tweaking what I had of the original prototype of the game to have the cars handle more fluidly – to have them “feel” like actual cars with power and mass to them but still be fast and snappy is a balance I’m trying to achieve early on in development.

My plans for this week are to finalize (or at least come close to finalizing) the movement of the cars and begin work on collision detection, car vs car and car vs wall / obstacle.  I’ll also work on animating and implementing some of the weapons into the game (probably not have them be functional, just attach them to the cars and whatnot).

Alright, go play Trophiends on Newgrounds now and don’t forget to vote!


  1. Sergio remarks: August 4, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    Your trophiends game RULES. Very funny indeed. I really appreciated the secret reward. However, I expected actual photos of you programming the game 😛

    Hugs from Argentina.

    Sergio Martin

  2. Ralph proclaims: August 5, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Appreciate the comment Sergio, a lot. Glad you made it to the secret reward, too 😉

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