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“Space Fruit” Update 4


So this post is a little late, I completely forgot about posting on Monday, I was too busy working on the game.  (No seriously, I was really working on the game.)

Space Fruit Logo

How’s that for a logo?  I might end up adding some of the ships flying around in the background shooting at each other and such.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that everything I needed to do prior to this post was completed.  I can now have my ship fly around and shoot at the enemies, delivering damage and having them explode.  The destroyed enemies also drop little fruit pickups that the player can pick up to increase his XP (and points).  It’s not implemented just yet, but as the XP increases beyond certain levels, the player’s ship transforms and allows for more / stronger bullets to be fired (I’m actually going to be implementing this as soon as I’m done with this post).

So the to-do list for next Monday consists of:

  • Implement player transformations based on XP.
  • Pickups delete themselves when far enough away, they also attract themselves to the player when close enough.
  • Pool bullets, pickups, and explosions (for performance, even though the game still runs at a solid 60fps as of now).
  • Tweak movement, make it easier.  Also work on the “strafe” button and get that working.
  • Implement “special ability” which makes the player temporarily much stronger and invincible (involves some animation and code tweaking).
  • Add King Durian and have him function properly (the goal of each level is to destroy the Durians in the level).
  • Get minimap working (may be more difficult then I think, but I’ll try to get it done in time).
  • Work on enemy AI, get player health working, get score working, “pause” button – (probably will be done next week).

I think that’s good enough for this week’s to-do list.

In Paranoia 2 news, nothing new.  I haven’t worked on it much, I’m focusing more on the game right now.

A little less than 2 weeks and I’m officially done with my 3rd year of college (aka summer vacation).  What does that mean in terms of my productivity?  Hopefully good things…

  1. FlashMush states: April 27, 2012 at 10:39 am

    Really excited for this game!

  2. Brandon utters: April 28, 2012 at 11:42 am

    I dig the logo. Progress sounds good as well, and summer vacation rules! I’m right there with you.

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