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“Space Fruit” – Long-Overdue Update 6


Alright, so I’m two weeks late here.  Sorry about that.  What with finals and just generally procrastinating, I never got around to making this post.  Anyway, here’s what’s going on.

Space Fruit

I’m very happy to report that Space Fruit is nearly completed.  The gameplay is practically all there and I just implemented the pause menu last night.  I also have all of the necessary menus designed and ready to go.  In the next day or two I intend to implement the menu system and get the game to actually function like a game – what with a splash screen, main menu, etc…  After that I’m going to need to look up high score API’s and ad API’s and get them implemented (as little money as I’m probably going to make, I’d like to earn some from this game, alright?  Alright.)

Paranoia 2

I haven’t touched this since my last post.  By no means am I abandoning it, I have already put a lot of work into it plus I’ve been screen-recording every session I work on it.  Once Space Fruit is done I’ll try and wrap this up as fast as I can and get it released.  It should give you a laugh, maybe.

Next Project

I’ve had enough of Java, Eclipse, and Android development for now.  I went from 0% knowledge on the subject a few months ago to an (almost) completed Android game coded in Java using OpenGL, I have to admit I’m pretty proud of that.

Now, not to sound greedy, but I don’t feel I’ll be making nearly as much money in the mobile games market as I would normally with Flash games, so my next two or three projects will more than likely be Flash games.  In fact, I already have my next game planned and am very excited to get started on it soon.  So much so I’m pushing myself to get Space Fruit completed and shipped out so I can focus all of my attention on it.


Yeah, remember this game?  It’s still up for bidding on FlashGameLicense.  To be honest, I’ve received about 10 bids since it was uploaded in January, but they aren’t worth a quarter of what I feel the game is valued at, and I’m not going to undersell myself here.  I really have high hopes for Trophiends, more so than I’ve had with any of my past games.  These small bids are common and usually attract the bigger sponsors and larger, more serious bids – but for whatever reason, no one’s biting yet.

At the end of May I’m going to enable Quick Auction on it, which alerts sponsors that the auction will end in two weeks.  I’m hoping this will not only bring the game attention, but get the sponsors who have been watching the game to finally place their bids.  Now, if at the end of the Quick Auction I still don’t have any acceptable bids, I just won’t sell the game.  As per FlashGameLicense rules, I will have to wait six months before placing it back up for auction.  Whether or not it comes to that is yet to be determined.  I feel it’ll sell, though.  If I were bidding on something, I’d like to know there was a nearby end date so my money won’t be in limbo for 1 or 2 months, so Quick Auction should bring in more activity.

Alright, enough typing for me.

  1. FlashMush announces: May 20, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Thanks for the update. Pretty excited for Space Fruits.

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