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Finals, Finals, and More Finals


For all you thinking I pulled a classic “ForTheLose.org move” on this blog too, I didn’t.  Just give me one more week to get through this wave of college finals.  Plus it doesn’t help I’ve been sick all week.  Anyway, I’ll be done with school until sometime at the end of January starting next Wednesday, so just give me a few more days to focus on that nonsense and then I’ll be focusing on the game and this blog again.  K bye.

I’m Only Four Years Late to the Party


So, looks like I’ll finally be moving into the world of current-gen consoles.  It only took me four years…

Long story short, I was helping my parents buy an Xbox 360 console online for both my brother and I for Christmas.  Anyway, it arrived today.  It’s actually the Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition one with the massive 250GB harddrive, which I think is pretty cool.  Of course I made sure I wouldn’t be without my 360-version of Left 4 Dead 2 so I threw that in the order as well.

Oh yeah and Madden 10

So yeah, I guess it’s almost time for me to see what all the hype is about.  I’m mainly making this post because I know a few of you (read: 3) will be excited by this and will want my Gamertag when I activate it.  It is called a Gamertag, right?  Oh God, I feel like an old person…

As for news about the game, look for that in an upcoming post.  Ha.

Shedding Some Light On the Game I’m Working On


Alright, so I felt for my first real post here I should start off by giving some information on the game I’m working on.  I’m not going to give much, but I will let you guys in on some things, including a screenshot:

Click for larger version.

Of course what I have pictured is the current test level.  What I mean by that is that you’ll never actually see this in the game, it’s just for me.

If you haven’t guessed from the screenshot yet, this is going to be a top down racing game.  In the image above you can see the 6 cars that I designed that will be used in the game.  You will be able to choose which you want to control at the start of the game.  Also, if you’re wondering, the brown/red areas are just temporary dirt/walls that I’m currently working on.

So yeah, that’s all I’m going to tell you for now.  They’ll be more news in an upcoming post more focused on the actual gameplay.  To be honest, this whole game is a tribute to a game I played (still do) when I was younger.  Seriously, +10 cool points to whoever can guess what that game is.

ForTheLoss.org, My Blog About My Flash Projects


What’s up guys. How do you like the new site? I’ll talk about what my plans are in a bit, but first let me address a few things.

1) I am aware that the more common translation of the acronym “FTL” is for the loss rather than for the lose.  Personally, I always preferred for the lose*, hence why I named my other site ForTheLose.org.  When trying to come up with a name for my new site (this one), I decided to “keep it in the family” and go with ForTheLoss.org.  (It just so happens that the .org of both of these domain names were the only ones available at the time of purchase, cool right?)

2) I know I haven’t updated ForTheLose.org in a while (other than to tell you about my new site here) and quite frankly it’s because I’ve lost interest in WordPress and web design in general at the moment.  I probably feel this way because I’ve been doing it for too long now, I need a break.  It’s probably temporary, anyway, if history is any guide.  (You’ll get what I mean if you take a glance at the about page.)  I’ll never let that site completely die, so I expect to revive it one way or another in the future.

Yeah, yeah, so what’s ForTheLoss.org?

While ForTheLose.org is my site about WordPress and web design, ForTheLoss.org is my site about my Flash projects – whether it be updates on a new animation I’m working on or a few words about the latest developments on a new game I’m working on.  A few things to note:

1) I am currently working on a new game.  It’s my first real go at using Actionscript to make a game (nevermind the fact that it’s the first time I’ve ever touched Actionscript 3).  I’m not going to give any information about the game in this post other than that I’ve been working on it for 2 weeks now and it’s coming along nicely.  Updates to come soon.

2) The posts and posting schedule on this blog will be alot more laid back than they were on ForTheLose.org.  Don’t expect long, thorough posts about topics I had to research.  Instead, expect posts to contain screenshots, discussions, and updates about my projects with the occasional post about some general animation news or a link to a great Flash creation I’ve come across.

3) I will be making no promises to update this blog daily.  That doesn’t mean I’ll never post, though.  Again, I want this to be more fun than work for me.  Expect an average of 3 posts a week.  Some weeks they’ll be more, some may have less.

To you, the reader

What would you like to see on this blog?  Do you know of any other sites out there that are similar to this?  Any features you’ve seen out there that you’d like to see implemented here?  What did you eat for breakfast today?  Did it taste good?  I personally had a bagel.  It was pretty good.  Then, for lunch, I-…  Alright I’m done.

Anyway, here’s the beginning of what I hope to one day to be another successful blog!

Oh, and if you want to stay updated and help support the blog, go ahead and be one of the first to subscribe to the RSS feed.  Thanks.

* – Since FTW stands for “for the win”, it’s natural FTL stands for “for the lose”.  Win and lose are opposites, while the opposite of loss would be gain.  And since it’s “for the win” and not “for the gain”, FTL must stand for “for the lose”.  You just got learned.