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Tutorial: Set up Google Services with LibGDX


If nothing else, Plunder Peril served as a great learning experience for myself in terms of understanding how to prepare for and launch a game on Google Play. When finalizing the game, I finally reached that point where it was time to begin implementing an API for leaderboards, ads, and analytics-tracking.  I knew about Google […]

AS3 – Get Actual Keyboard Key From KeyCode

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This is a little something I was having trouble with just now.  I thought there was some built-in functionality for this somewhere, but apparently there is not.  Also Google searches trying to find an existing solution turned up nothing, so I’m putting it here for anyone who may need this in their projects. This simply […]

How To: Preloader in Flash Builder 4.7


So I’ve spent the better part of the past two or three days fumbling around Flash Builder 4.7 because, come on, who wants to use old, outdated Flash Builder 4.6, right? Anyway, I unknowingly backed myself into a corner when I (stupidly) uninstalled FB 4.6 before installing FB 4.7 because a download link for FB […]

Increase Game Performance By Using Bitmaps


Hey guys.  I’m going to try a new thing with this blog of mine.  Instead of just rambling on about my own game development news and whatnot, I figure I’ll also throw in a tutorial post every now and then.  Sound good?  Good. First, a little background.  This concept of using bitmaps instead of the […]