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A Weekly Game Update That Really Isn’t a Weekly Game Update


That is one brutal title, I know. Alright.  Two major pieces of information – one good news and one bad news.  Let’s start with the good news because WHY NOT. Good News Alright, so I know I’ve been babbling about this game for what seems like roughly five and a half years, but Don’t Panic […]

Happy New Year Folks!


Hey everyone.  I just wanted to throw up a quick post wishing everyone a happy new year.  For some of you time travelers out there, it’s already 2011.  However I’m still back here in the US, and it’s only New Year’s Eve.  Anyway, I hope 2010 was a great year for you and that 2011 […]

Holy Crap Has it Really Been a Month?


So…  Hi there. You guy’s are looking good, how’s life been treating you?  Apparently, I still own this website – who would’ve figured? I honestly cannot believe a month has passed since I last made a post here.  Time really has flew right by. I don’t have to tell you that I never finished that […]

Who Has Two Thumbs and is Going Away for a Week?


Me. It’s family vacation time.  Me and the rest of my family will be heading down to Wildwood, NJ for a 5 day vacation starting tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 4:30am. Just figured I’d let you guys know so you will understand the unusual break in the relentless and consistent daily posts on this […]

New Design For The Site


So I’m going to keep this post short, mostly because I’m tired and just want to relax go watch some TV. ForTheLoss.org has a new design.  If you’re not seeing it, that must mean you’re a regular visitor, holy crap, thanks!  It also means you have to clear your cache. It was a spur of […]