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Random Updates on Random Things


Alright, lot’s of stuff to talk about, so let’s jump in. Animation released! Well, not one of my animations, but still.  My friend-with-benefits, Brandon, finally got around to finishing his second Flash animation after a year of me yelling at him to stop procrastinating (or something like that). It’s a tribute to some small game […]

Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #10.5


So nothing got done this week.  Deal with it. I’d love to end it right there, but I can’t.  It’s some OCD thing I have where I have to make one of these damn posts every Sunday.  Let’s get on with it. General Stuff: There’s not much to say here.  As I’m sure those of […]

A Bunch of Stuff I’ve Been Meaning to Post


Alright, before I get any more busy or procrastinate any longer, let me get this post out there.  Here are just a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to post, so I figured I’d group it all into one post. RidTheWorld.org You should definitely check this site out.  It’s the home of my lover good […]

New Animation Released


Well, not my animation.  Sorry to get your hopes up (LOL WHO AM I KIDDING?) No but seriously.  My good friend Brandon has released his first real animation ever on NewGrounds today.  Check it out – Scene of the Crime. Go and five it up so it’ll get noticed and possibly even front-paged. Even though […]

Procrastination, Minecraft, and Titles – Oh My!


So I thought I’d make a post about Minecraft since it seems to be biggest thing in the world at the moment.  I decided to purchase myself a copy and give it a whirl even though I didn’t exactly know what the game was about.  (Honestly I still don’t get it.)  I figured since it […]