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“Weapons on Wheels 2” Released!


So I’m not dead, apparently – just really, really busy finishing college (which, by the way, I graduate from this upcoming weekend). But who cares, right?  My latest Flash game has finally been released after being sponsored by PlayBerry.com.  After a few good months of lots of on and off work, Weapons on Wheels 2 […]

“Weapons on Wheels 2” Completed


Barring any unforeseen circumstances or potential bugs / required fixes, the game is pretty much done.  Isn’t that nifty? Now, it’s not up for bidding on FGL.com yet, mainly because it took too long for me to get everything 100% ready.  At first, I couldn’t get the encryption software I typically use (secureSWF) to function […]

“Weapons on Wheels 2” – Update 8


So, another two weeks just gone like that.  Last week was actually my birthday, and keeping up with the usual tradition, I was as sick as I’ve ever been in quite a while.  Seems about right. Anyway, as a result, this post was delayed a week to today.  First off, there’s not much to report […]

“Weapons on Wheels 2” – Update 7


So, guys, crazy story – I totally forgot my password to log into the site here and post an update for the past two months.  Crazy, right? I’ll make up for it with a new video showcasing the first two levels (there are currently four) and some of the weapons: I just recently got finished […]

“Weapons on Wheels 2” – Update 6


Yeah I’m just going to go ahead and probably strip the “weekly” part from the titles of these posts.  But hey, I’ll make it up to you with videos!  Because everyone prefers looking at video than reading text, right? Right. What got done I figured out why the file size of the exported release builds […]