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Random News and Updates on 3 Different Games


I wanted to write up a quick overview post on what’s going on to break up the monotony of the Weekly Game Update posts.  Before I dive into that, I just want to talk about that FlashGameLicense Developer Competition I was clamoring about in my last post – I didn’t end up entering it. The […]

Don’t Panic Released on NewGrounds


Hey guys.  Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve finally gotten around to uploading Don’t Panic to NewGrounds.  I could’ve uploaded it sometime back in the middle of May (since ArmorGames had a period of exclusivity for a month) but since I was in the process of getting my back torn open, I decided to wait […]

Working on Updates/Tweaks for Don’t Panic


Hey guys, happy Mother’s Day! If you haven’t heard, Don’t Panic has been released.  GO PLAY IT. It’s been (and still is) a busy weekend for me.  Tomorrow (Monday) will be much of the same.  However, I’m going to try my hardest to finish a few updates/tweaks for Don’t Panic that I have planned. I’ve […]

Don’t Panic Released!


No, really.  I’m not lying this time.  I know over 90% of you are probably sick of hearing me talk about it for the past 3-4 months, so just go play it already. Play Don’t Panic on ArmorGames Big thanks to Dan and ArmorGames in general for sponsoring my game, I’m very honored to have […]

Weekly Game Update – “Don’t Panic” #10


The final weekly game update for Don’t Panic!  Holy crap! Alright, well this is it.  The game is 100% completed.  All that’s left is to put it up for bidding on Monday afternoon.  It should be live on the FlashGameLicense marketplace by Tuesday morning.  I’m very excited for this game, it truly is a lot […]