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“Plunder Peril” Released on Google Play


So after a half-dozen Flash games, I’ve finally moved to a new platform and have released my first game for Android devices. Presenting Plunder Peril, a free casual/arcade game available now on Google Play or from SlideMe! The goal is simple – collect any and all coins you see – oh, and survive for as […]

“Plunder Peril” Gameplay Trailer!


So, before I go on about the trailer, maybe I should announce that I’m working on a new game. I’m working on a new Android game titled Plunder Peril which will soon be free on Google Play (specifically March 20th at 12:00pm EST). Alright, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the gameplay trailer! […]

“Combat Racing” – Update #2


Things are coming along very nicely. It’s been a few weeks since my last update, partly because I only want to post updates when something significant has been accomplished (and also because I procrastinate).  The game is really taking shape and as of right now level pack 1 is completely finished (besides any future tweaking […]

“Combat Racing” Update #1


A quick update on things regarding my new project, Combat Racing. Since my last post a lot has been accomplished.  Levels have been created, menu’s have been put into place, AI has been programmed, etc, etc… Here are some images of what levels 1 – 3 (of 5) of level pack 1 look like as […]

“Combat Racing” in Development!


So I’m still making games!  Crazy right? So while I continue the search for a real job creating games, I’ve still been creating my own games in the meantime. Right now my current project has been (another) 2D top-down racing game, but this time it’s for mobile (Android as of now) devices.  Titled Combat Racing, […]