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“Stick Nodes” on iOS – One month later…


So it’s been a little over one month since Stick Nodes was released on the iOS App Store.  I wanted to share some info with how it’s doing. There aren’t many stats to show, so here are the important ones: 7,400+ free installs 210+ pro installs Now, the thing that really struck me is just […]

“Stick Nodes” Released on iOS Devices!


So after a good amount of time, effort, and money, I’m proud to announce that Stick Nodes has finally made its way to iOS devices! You can keep up to date with updates and changes through the official website, Facebook page, or Google+ page. And for those of you interested, here are some updated stats! […]

“Stick Nodes” One Month Later


Well, one month and three days but close enough. So I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on with Stick Nodes.  The app has been out for a month on Google Play (as well as other smaller Android markets) and here’s where it stands. Google Play 2,500+ installs 100+ ratings at […]

“Stick Nodes” Released!


So guess what? Well, the title is a pretty dead giveaway, but yeah, Stick Nodes is finally released on Google Play (other Android stores coming very soon, and then maybe even iOS – we’ll see). There are two versions, a free one and a pro one.  They both contain the same features – the only […]

Stick Nodes BETA!


So guess what? The Stick Nodes BETA is live.  If you have an Android device, you can try it out right now.  Here’s how: Become a member of the Stick Nodes BETA Testers Google+ community. Follow this opt-in link (while logged in to the same Google account used to join the Google+ community above) to […]