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Update on “Space Fruit” and “Paranoia 2”


This past week has been somewhat productive for me.  Now that I have a good portion of the HUD in place for Space Fruit, things are going much more smoothly.  (I was having a bit of trouble getting things working efficiently what with me being new to OpenGL and such.) As you can see from […]

Animation Released, “Paranoia 1 – Spider”


Hey all you people. Just a quick post to tell you that the animation I’ve been working on and off of for the past two weeks is done.  I really gave it my all in terms of the animation and backgrounds and I’m really proud of the outcome.  Even the NewGrounds reveiws seem to enjoy […]

More Random Updates!


Hey all you people, here are some more updates from me, Ralph! Defective Defective has been sponsored.  Expect it to be released any day now (I’ll of course announce it all over this site as well as on my Twitter page) – all I’m waiting on is the sponsor to send me the assets to […]

Stick Figure Test Animation


So I’ve been wanting to create a Flash movie for the past few months or so.  I’ve had an idea for a action-packed and quality stick figure animation and I think I’m going to begin work on it in the coming weeks.  I threw together this test yesterday just to see how rusty I am […]

Madness Day 2010


Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of updates here, to be honest I’ve just been very lazy about it. I wanted to make a quick post just summarizing what’s been going on. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been on and off working on “Hero Dude.” Things were moving along nicely at first but I […]