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“Space Fruit” – Long-Overdue Update 6


Alright, so I’m two weeks late here.  Sorry about that.  What with finals and just generally procrastinating, I never got around to making this post.  Anyway, here’s what’s going on. Space Fruit I’m very happy to report that Space Fruit is nearly completed.  The gameplay is practically all there and I just implemented the pause […]

“Space Fruit” – Update 5


So I just got finished implementing the mini map for the game.  It looks like this: (Note the colored dots all around the perimeter of the screen, indicating out-of-view enemies.) It was kind of a pain to implement, I mean, in hindsight the math is pretty simple.  I originally thought I’d need trigonometry to solve […]

“Space Fruit” Update 4


So this post is a little late, I completely forgot about posting on Monday, I was too busy working on the game.  (No seriously, I was really working on the game.) How’s that for a logo?  I might end up adding some of the ships flying around in the background shooting at each other and […]

Update on “Space Fruit” and “Paranoia 2”


This past week has been somewhat productive for me.  Now that I have a good portion of the HUD in place for Space Fruit, things are going much more smoothly.  (I was having a bit of trouble getting things working efficiently what with me being new to OpenGL and such.) As you can see from […]

“Space Fruit” Coming Along Slowly


Hey guys, update time! Well, while this is an update, there’s not much to it though.  The past week or two have been pretty messy in terms of my daily routine / schedule – so not much is getting done in any department.  However, I have started buckling down and getting some work done in […]