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Quick Update on Things


Hey there.  So I figured I’d make a post this weekend summing up what’s going on with what and what’s happened when. (What?) Defective It’ll be released eventually, I’ve started the process of getting it more attention and I’m thinking it will be sold sometime this month.  On Monday or Tuesday I’m going to be […]

Weekly Game Update – “Hero Dude” #3


A “weekly game update” post?  On time!?  I know, I’m scared too.  Anyway, let’s get into it. Hero Dude‘s completed progress has progressed (ha ha!) from 3% to 5%.  A big jump, I know.  I spent whatever time I had during the week continuing to work on the main engine of the game.  A few […]

Weekly Game Update – “Hero Dude” #2


A few hours late, but whatever. Here’s the second installment of the “weekly game update” for Hero Dude. Accomplished Designed and updated tile graphics, however, I am now leaning towards scrapping all the current tiles and redoing them.  I’m trying to get a graphic style that I can stick to for the rest of the […]

Weekly Game Update – “Hero Dude” #1


Oh crap.  Here we go.  The first “weekly game update” installment for my upcoming game, Hero Dude.  I’m gonna place a bet that there will be 14 of these before the game is done.  Let’s find out! Check out the bottom of this post for a playable Flash file of what I have so far […]

Hero Dude is Back in Development


After I came across a few issues while in the prototyping stage in the development of my next game Hero Dude, I decided to put the project down until I thought I had a better grasp on it. Well, I’m just letting you guys that development is back on.  I was able to come up […]