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Weekly Game Update – “Hero Dude” #3


A “weekly game update” post?  On time!?  I know, I’m scared too.  Anyway, let’s get into it. Hero Dude‘s completed progress has progressed (ha ha!) from 3% to 5%.  A big jump, I know.  I spent whatever time I had during the week continuing to work on the main engine of the game.  A few […]

Weekly Game Update – “Hero Dude” #2


A few hours late, but whatever. Here’s the second installment of the “weekly game update” for Hero Dude. Accomplished Designed and updated tile graphics, however, I am now leaning towards scrapping all the current tiles and redoing them.  I’m trying to get a graphic style that I can stick to for the rest of the […]

Weekly Game Update – “Hero Dude” #1


Oh crap.  Here we go.  The first “weekly game update” installment for my upcoming game, Hero Dude.  I’m gonna place a bet that there will be 14 of these before the game is done.  Let’s find out! Check out the bottom of this post for a playable Flash file of what I have so far […]

Hero Dude is Back in Development


After I came across a few issues while in the prototyping stage in the development of my next game Hero Dude, I decided to put the project down until I thought I had a better grasp on it. Well, I’m just letting you guys that development is back on.  I was able to come up […]

Putting Hero Dude Development on Hold for a Bit


What the shit, Ralph? Yeah, I’ve decided I’m going to put development on Hero Dude on hold for a while.  I feel like I’m doing all of this work for it, but at the same time, I’m not giving it the time that it needs. For one I feel that the game won’t be as […]