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Weapons on Wheels 2
Stick Nodes

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“Defective” is Released!


You don’t know how bad I wanted this post to be on April 1st, just for shits n’ giggles, but hey, what are ya gonna do? But that’s right, Defective is finally out in the wild.  Go play it and tell me what you think. A big thanks to Andy over at ShootingGamesFree.org for sponsoring […]

Animation Released, “Paranoia 1 – Spider”


Hey all you people. Just a quick post to tell you that the animation I’ve been working on and off of for the past two weeks is done.  I really gave it my all in terms of the animation and backgrounds and I’m really proud of the outcome.  Even the NewGrounds reveiws seem to enjoy […]

More Random Updates!


Hey all you people, here are some more updates from me, Ralph! Defective Defective has been sponsored.  Expect it to be released any day now (I’ll of course announce it all over this site as well as on my Twitter page) – all I’m waiting on is the sponsor to send me the assets to […]

Random Updates on Random Things


Alright, lot’s of stuff to talk about, so let’s jump in. Animation released! Well, not one of my animations, but still.  My friend-with-benefits, Brandon, finally got around to finishing his second Flash animation after a year of me yelling at him to stop procrastinating (or something like that). It’s a tribute to some small game […]

Weekly Game Update – “Kill the Bad Things” (Week Two)


Hello and welcome to the new home of Weekly Game Update posts – Monday mornings!  Why the change?  Well, in hindsight, it seems I get 80% of the weekly work done on my projects over the weekend, so I figure I’ll post updates about game progress after all that progress has been made, not smack […]