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ForTheLoss.org’s 100th Post Extravaganza!


Well, not so much of an extravaganza as it is just a regular post, but you get the idea. Before I get into some development news and updates, let’s go over some stats: This site is over 2 years old. Time really flies sometimes. I remember when I bought this domain off a whim after […]

Quick Update on Things


Hey there.  So I figured I’d make a post this weekend summing up what’s going on with what and what’s happened when. (What?) Defective It’ll be released eventually, I’ve started the process of getting it more attention and I’m thinking it will be sold sometime this month.  On Monday or Tuesday I’m going to be […]

Trailer for “Trophiends” Uploaded!


Hey guys.  Just a quick post to tell you I just uploaded the trailer for Trophiends tonight.  Check it out and tell me what you think.  (The video is kind of grainy, I need to find a new way to record SWFs, but that’ll be a job for my next game.) So that’s it, Trophiends […]

Happy New Year!


So it’s 2012. I’m going to skip the obligatory apocalyptic joke and jump into the meat of this post. Game Updates Trophiends has gotten some promising reviews / stats from the few “First Impression” players over at FlashGameLicense.com, so I’m really happy about that.  I’ve learned of a few areas of the game that can […]