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Stick Nodes

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Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #11


We’re winding down on these Defective-based Weekly Game Update posts.  I’d say there’s probably one more left after this one.  Don’t cry, I’m sure another one of my crazy projects will soon take it’s place. General Stuff: I didn’t think I did that much work this week, but my checked-off to-do list begs to differ. […]

Defective Trailer Released!


I know, this is coming straight out of left field, isn’t it? Anyway, tonight I recorded, edited, and uploaded the trailer for Defective.  The music in the trailer is just placeholder music.  It’s somewhat similar to what I’ll be looking for in a musician when I start looking for one. The game is practically finished.  […]

Stick Figure Test Animation


So I’ve been wanting to create a Flash movie for the past few months or so.  I’ve had an idea for a action-packed and quality stick figure animation and I think I’m going to begin work on it in the coming weeks.  I threw together this test yesterday just to see how rusty I am […]

Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #10.5


So nothing got done this week.  Deal with it. I’d love to end it right there, but I can’t.  It’s some OCD thing I have where I have to make one of these damn posts every Sunday.  Let’s get on with it. General Stuff: There’s not much to say here.  As I’m sure those of […]

Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #10


What a lovely Friday Sunday this is.  Yep, it’s certainly Friday Sunday and not Friday Friday at the time of this writing. Alright, fine, you caught me.  I’m writing this post two days early because right now I’m currently doing something vacation-like down (or up) in Ocean City, Maryland.  It’s annual family-vacation week so that’s […]