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Stick Nodes

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Weekly Game Update – “Defective” #3


Alright, one month later the “Weekly” Game Update’s are back.  Let’s get back into it, shall we? General Stuff: Alright, so I didn’t do a lot of work on the game this past week.  All I’ve done since I’ve been home really is just build the foundation for a basic particle system that I can […]

Increase Game Performance By Using Bitmaps


Hey guys.  I’m going to try a new thing with this blog of mine.  Instead of just rambling on about my own game development news and whatnot, I figure I’ll also throw in a tutorial post every now and then.  Sound good?  Good. First, a little background.  This concept of using bitmaps instead of the […]

Don’t Panic Released on NewGrounds


Hey guys.  Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve finally gotten around to uploading Don’t Panic to NewGrounds.  I could’ve uploaded it sometime back in the middle of May (since ArmorGames had a period of exclusivity for a month) but since I was in the process of getting my back torn open, I decided to wait […]

Hello World!


So… what’s been going on with you guys?  Me?  Oh, nothing much… Alright, I’m going to try to sum up my past 4 weeks in as little words as I can, mostly because I really feel like going to lay back down again. On May 25th, I was lucky enough to go down to the […]