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Don't Panic
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Weekly Game Up- Er, Nevermind


So yeah.  Don’t Panic is all completed and was uploaded to FlashGameLicense.com earlier this week. So far it has had three bids.  The first two were the obligatory nonsense bids, less than even 10% of the game’s value in my opinion, but the most recent bid is more in the serious business range.  At this […]

Weekly Game Update – “Don’t Panic” #10


The final weekly game update for Don’t Panic!  Holy crap! Alright, well this is it.  The game is 100% completed.  All that’s left is to put it up for bidding on Monday afternoon.  It should be live on the FlashGameLicense marketplace by Tuesday morning.  I’m very excited for this game, it truly is a lot […]

Don’t Panic is Practically Completed


So, about 3 months later, Don’t Panic is finally completed (of course, I’m awaiting the bombardment of dream-crushing bug reports any minute now). But technically, the game is done.  All that’s left is to slap the sponsor’s branding on it and then release it to the masses. Right now, however, the game is receiving some […]

Weekly Game Update – “Don’t Panic” #9


Ugh, crazy weekend.  Was able to get a lot of work done throughout the week.  Let’s see how much work, exactly. Accomplished Finish animating the two cutscenes. (Almost completed – end cutscene is completely finished and opening cutscene is about 80% finished.) Finish programming the two bosses.  (Competed.) Put the game on FlashGameLicense.com for First […]

Revenue Report – February 2011


Wow, February definitely flew by.  I almost forgot I had to post this until I saw in my email that I received a payment from CPMStar.  Let’s get into it. Similar to last month, I didn’t release any games or sell any sitelocks or anything like that.  As a result, revenue is still going to […]