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Who Has Two Thumbs and is Going Away for a Week?


Me. It’s family vacation time.  Me and the rest of my family will be heading down to Wildwood, NJ for a 5 day vacation starting tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 4:30am. Just figured I’d let you guys know so you will understand the unusual break in the relentless and consistent daily posts on this […]

Hero Dude is Back in Development


After I came across a few issues while in the prototyping stage in the development of my next game Hero Dude, I decided to put the project down until I thought I had a better grasp on it. Well, I’m just letting you guys that development is back on.  I was able to come up […]

“Oil Spill Escape” Released – Go Play it Now!


“Oil Spill Escape” (aka my Secret Project for the past four weeks) has been released this morning!  I’m really excited about this game because it truly is a very fun and addicting game. Play it exclusively on Juggernart.com – Play Oil Spill Escape. I actually completed the game in about 12 days, which is quite […]

Anyone Want to Be a “Preview Player” for FlashGameLicense.com?


Hey guys.  I have an invitation to give out to anyone that wants to become a “Preview Player” for FlashGameLicense.com.  This means you’ll be able to play my games, as well as the games of other Flash developers before they’re officially released. You’re “job” however, is to simply give us feedback and advice, and work […]

Putting Hero Dude Development on Hold for a Bit


What the shit, Ralph? Yeah, I’ve decided I’m going to put development on Hero Dude on hold for a while.  I feel like I’m doing all of this work for it, but at the same time, I’m not giving it the time that it needs. For one I feel that the game won’t be as […]