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Oil Spill Escape
Stick Nodes

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About That “Secret Project”


I’m sure if you’ve glanced at the header that you see in addition to “Hero Dude” I’m also working on a secret project. I just wanted to talk about it for a minute and maybe demystify it.  It honestly probably doesn’t need to be a secret, but whatever.  It’s more fun for me this way. […]

Weapons on Wheels Done and Released and Stuff


So that was one hell of a journey.  Granted, with Weapons on Wheels being the first real game I’ve ever developed, I probably did alot of things the long and hard (twss) way. Play it on MaxGames.com, who is the awesome sponsor. Update: Also play it on NewGrounds and vote 5 to be awesome. Update […]

Progression of Sprite Development


So I figured I would make a post about this, since I thought it was pretty interesting.  Here is an image showing the sprite development I went through trying to find a nice design for the player/boss sprites for Hero Dude. The first two versions of the main character differ pretty greatly.  At first I […]

New Design For The Site


So I’m going to keep this post short, mostly because I’m tired and just want to relax go watch some TV. ForTheLoss.org has a new design.  If you’re not seeing it, that must mean you’re a regular visitor, holy crap, thanks!  It also means you have to clear your cache. It was a spur of […]

New Project Announced – “Hero Dude”


Yep, you read correctly – “Hero Dude.” It’s gonna be a very classic and comical  2D platformer.  I’m working on it every day, making pretty good headway. More updates coming up later. In other news, I’ve spent the past 10 hours in a ustream chatroom waiting for Shay Carl and his wife to have their […]