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Stick Nodes

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Hey Look, I Maded Some Artifishul Intelligence


This process of building the AI for the enemy racers went at least 90% smoother than I thought it would have.  Either I’m getting good at this programming thing or I just got lucky.  Take a look at the video. It’s rather simple, really.  For each level, I create a map of “waypoints” for each […]

Bitmap Performance Issue Solved and a Video of Level 1


So it was the vCam that was causing the odd lag issue.  I’ve learned a valuable lesson the hard way, never use the vCam in Flash games.  So I binned the vCam and am using a much, much, much better approach to moving the screen around. Click to see full version. That’s all I really […]

Level 1 Design Done


So after roughly four days of working on a part of this project I thought would take maybe part of one day, I finally have Level 1 completed.  Well, sort of. It’s designed, yeah, but now when I add it to the game, things start to lag more than a fat kid on dial-up playing […]

I Would Have Been Dead Today


That’s right.  I would have been dead. As in, not alive.  Like, alive-alive. See, yesterday after fumbling around with something in Flash, it started to freeze up.  I stupidly ctrl+s’d it by habit and closed out.  I realized what I’d done when I tried to open the file and I got a “corrupted” message, “file […]

Game Update and Other Things Too


“Oh look at Ralph, he’s abandoned another blog after promising to update it.” Shut up Eternal.  No I didn’t.  I said I’m going to have a more relaxed update schedule on this blog compared to ForTheLose.org. Anyway, I got lots of stuff to talk about today, so I guess the wait paid off (if you […]