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Alright, Let’s Get This Show on the Road


Alright, I’m back.  College is over and done with for over a month, so I have loads of free time to work on this game.  As of yesterday, I have begun re-building the entire game from the bottom up.  I’m basically using the code I already wrote but just reorganizing it/optimizing it in correct ActionScript […]

Finals, Finals, and More Finals


For all you thinking I pulled a classic “ForTheLose.org move” on this blog too, I didn’t.  Just give me one more week to get through this wave of college finals.  Plus it doesn’t help I’ve been sick all week.  Anyway, I’ll be done with school until sometime at the end of January starting next Wednesday, […]

I’m Only Four Years Late to the Party


So, looks like I’ll finally be moving into the world of current-gen consoles.  It only took me four years… Long story short, I was helping my parents buy an Xbox 360 console online for both my brother and I for Christmas.  Anyway, it arrived today.  It’s actually the Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition one with […]

Shedding Some Light On the Game I’m Working On


Alright, so I felt for my first real post here I should start off by giving some information on the game I’m working on.  I’m not going to give much, but I will let you guys in on some things, including a screenshot: Click for larger version. Of course what I have pictured is the […]